Sunday Morning Series

November 13th  Introduction to Proverbs

November 20th  The Priority of Wisdom

November 27th The Prerequisite of Wisdom

December 4th The Pursuit of Wisdom

December 11th The Profit of Wisdom

December 18th The Properties of Wisdom

Wisdom for Life

More than ever before, the world is filled with information. Data flows to us at the speed of our

5G network. We often have too much information and end up paralyzed in our decision-making.

What we need is not more information but more wisdom. Not just any wisdom…We need God’s

wisdom! No book of the Bible gives more insight into obtaining the wisdom of God than the

book of Proverbs. Join us for a series of messages that will examine the steps necessary to

obtain God’s wisdom. Experience the blessings associated with applying God’s wisdom in

your life.