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UPDATED (04/25) Prayer Request for Billie McNeil's Great Grandson, Braxton

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

UPDATED 04/25:

Braxton’s surgery was at 1:00 this afternoon. I just got home from the hospital, about 7:45, he was still in the recovery room when I left. But Steven let me know he was in his room by the time I got home. Surgery went well. They were able to get most of the tumor. It was big, 5 by 6 centimeters. There was a small portion in the spine. They won’t know if it is benign until next Tuesday. They said they will check in 3 to 6 months to see if the other is growing. There is a possibility it would even desolve on it’s own. It took so long in the recovery, because the drain tube was not working, so they had to put in a larger one, then he was in so much pain, they were trying to monitor and adjust medication. They have him on a pain pump now.Thank you for your prayers.


I just found out that my great grandson, Braxton, has cancer on his spine. They found a mass and are running tests on it. He is 22 months old. I don’t know anything more at this time. Please pray for him and his parents.

I need to add that, his parents know the Lord, and are reaching out and asking for prayer. Thank you to all who will take the time out to pray for my family.


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