Prayer Request for Janelle Carter's Mother

My mom (Norene Carter) went to see the radiologist yesterday. He told

her she could do the radiation that her oncologist recommended, but it

won't help. Even if it goes away, it will come right back. Mom said,

essentially, he told her she was going to die from this. Mom's eternity

is secure. She was ready to go before the chemotherapy this last time,

but she didn't want to leave. She still doesn't. I know we ought to want

to be with the Lord, but I also know she wants to know that we're all going to be okay. I think it's a common struggle, that level of trust in knowing that our loved ones are going to be okay when we go home to be

with the Lord. I know I struggle with the thought of not being able to

talk to her whenever I want; of my little kiddos not having their

grandma around to spoil and love on them. I know her being on earth

makes me more comfortable. I know the sufferings of this life pale in

comparison to the glory to be revealed. And I know the Lord knows the

number of our days.

So does she. She's going forward with radiation beginning next week.

Please pray for my father (Hubert Carter). I really never expected mom

to go first. Dad's older. I don't like the thought of loosing either one

of them. I see them both now, and the frailty of life is so apparent.

I've watched them be strong, and I've seen their strength slowly

dwindle, and now ebb through these last few years in particular.

These next few weeks and likely, months, are going to be difficult

whether the radiation works or doesn't work. The radiation will burn her

mouth and her throat, making it difficult to eat. If it succeeds, the

radiologist expects it will add weeks, maybe months to her life. The

oncologist was more hopeful, and outside of that, she understands the

Lord is in charge, so she's willing to take every chance to succeed.

Please pass on this request for prayer for my parents and my kids, and I

might as well add myself and my brother. My brother needs the Lord. This

may be what he needs to come to Christ. This may be what my oldest sons

need for reconciliation. God knows.


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