Prayer Request for Wednesday 05/30/18

From Pete: 

* Dan & Kelly Kursinsky with Armed Forces Baptist Missions out of Fort Benning Georgia are here tonight sharing their ministry.  Dan will also be teaching/preaching to us tonight.

* Seven were saved on Sunday!!!

* Baptisms will be on June 24th after the morning service.

* Jerry Collins - a missionary we have worked with in Los Mochese, Mexico has accepted a position with Lancaster Baptist College in Lancaster, CA.

From Rose Collins:

Please pray for Allan & Julie Clouser's family.  Their granddaughter, Adalle, tried to commit suicide last night.  Julie & Allan are going down to Springfield where she is in the hospital..She will probably go to a facility in St. Louis.  

From Kevin Foster:

Their friends, the Klodzins, have a newborn baby with lots of respiratory problems and is in and out of the hospital.

From Bobby:

Great praise - his son, Jake, got saved Sunday.  His friend did too!!  Now Bobby just has one child who has not gotten saved: his daughter Emily.  Please pray for her salvation.

From Phillisha Francis:

Praise because the found a house & are moving tomorrow - please pray for their move.  Also, she has a doctor's appointment tomorrow that she is concerned about.

From Laura Ojeda:

* Please pray for her sister - she has lumps on both sides of her thyroid.  

* Julien will be moving back to Germany to live with his mom.  He got saved recently & they hope it works out for him to get baptised before he goes.

From Delane Reed:

She still has several things that are unsettled.

From Sharon Doan:

Continued prayers for Elmer.

From Bill Stacy:

Please pray for our brothers & sisters in the Middle East.  They are being severely persecuted for their faith.

From Brad Nelson:

His aunt, Lola Brunk, has been having problems with dizziness and fainting.  They did a scan & found spots on her brain.  Please pray for her salvation.  Peggy (Brad's mom/Lola's sister) has witnessed to her many times over the years and she has not accepted.

From Wes Williams:

* Please pray for Trey & KK.  They are teenagers and going through a lot.  Kayanne is coming back for a month for a visit.

* Wes has a job opportunity that will have a more normal schedule.  

From Dawn Bown:

She went to Iowa over the weekend with her dad's family.  Kyle, one of her cousins, has moved out of his parent's house.  Not sure of the details, but he is struggling with depression, etc.

From Ken Street:

Jimmy Tsoukalas (one of our missionaries in South Africa) has a man there who is being persecuted to make him convert to the Muslim religion.  Even to the point of withholding his paycheck.

From Dan:

Praise because they have had things work so well with their finding a new house, etc.

And received from Ashley Hagan after church:

Her grandma, Wilma Hagan, has Stage I Breast Cancer.  She will have a lumpectomy on June 19th.  Wendy says she is Catholic & they are not sure if she is saved.


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