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Prayer Requests for Wednesday - 01/22/20

Pete and Kathy are home safely and had a great visit with Jonathan, Laura and kids.

Kevin- Pray for his dad Harry Foster, fighting high blood pressure issues.

Kathi- Praise for answered prayer for divine intervention dealing with parents Medicaid yearly review. God is so faithful!

Also please continue to pray for Jan, Kevin’s mom for emotional strength as well as physical dealing with stage 4 lung cancer. 

Liz- Prayers for her Dad for Medicare to approve procedure for pain in back.

Praise for Sandy, his wife, his caretaker. Strength for her.

Dan-Mike VanHorn (in Cambodia)missionary 75 men got saved today through prison ministry. By miraculous intervention He’s going to back to the prison ministry there.

Jane-Had intense procedure on knees whereby they burn nerves. Rehab a couple years. No pain so far.

Pat-Friend Betty next door lost her eye sight. She saw the Dr yesterday. Pat hasn’t heard outcome.

Pat was redirected by GPS onto icy road and slid off the road 50 ft down. Praise that They’re fine but car is totaled.

Heather-job opportunity could change lives. Looking for Gods will.

Neighbor, Jamie’s mom in ICU. Outlook not good. Also, Mom is the Caregiver for Jamie’s son while she works.

Larry-Kelly Powers foot surgery went well she is recovering and still needs prayer for pain management. She’s in a lot of pain.

Joyce- Her cousin was in a terrible car accident just a few weeks ago and Praise God he was able to walk out of rehab yesterday.

Sarah-home with bronchitis.


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