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Prayer Requests for Wednesday - 01/29/20

From Pete:

Please pray for:

* Linda & Carl Cockrum.  Linda has been in the hospital from Sunday night until today.  She is having lots of problems with mouth pain.  She can't eat or drink.  

* Sally Roller hurt her foot.  She doesn't know if it is broken or not.

* Tom Roller has a blood clot.

* Bill Stacy.  Bill is having lots of problems with balance.  He is unable to come to church because of this.  Bill is a true prayer warrior and encourager. And a blessing to our Grace family.)

From Don West:

* Melissa & the kids

* Don is having a procedure on Friday.  Please ask the Lord to give him peace & comfort.

From Bailey Robinson:

I couldn't hear much, but sounds like somebody in her life (friend/family) perhaps had a miscarriage?

From Kathi Foster:

Praise because God is really answering prayers & she has been able to witness to several people & lead one of them to the Lord this week.  Beth is the gal who accepted Christ as her savior.  Please pray that she will come to church.

From Mike Schorr:

Please pray for Joe & Amy Hendrigsman.  God is doing a lot down there. Please pray that they would get the rest they need. Pete said we will be taking a trip down early October- maybe around October 6/8 til the 13/14 in the Fall.  It will be a trip to help work on the buildings, etc. Pray that God raises people to pastor the other churches that are starting.

From Jane Clements:

* Laura & Schon Ojeda.  Laura has been sick for a long time with the respiratory stuff going around.

* Linda Martin's mom, Jean.

From Kevin Foster:

Pray for Heather.  She now has the stuff that's going around.

From Jesse James:

His aunt on his mom's side passed away today.

From Mindy Ward:

Couldn't  hear much - but please continue to pray for her friend with heart problems.

From Liz Schorr:

Couldn't hear much, but it sounds like she is seeking God on a deeper level.

From Dan Ingram:

John, his friend, has just been diagnosed with cancer.


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