Prayer Requests for Wednesday, 08/08/18

From Janice Hile:

She got good news from her tests & doctor's visit:

Her bone is re-growing. She can't put any weight on her leg yet but she is going in the right direction.

The cancer is shrinking. We need to pray that all areas heal completely.

Her mom (and Joyce West's mom), Cleta Decker, had to go to the hospital to be treated for an infection. They will not be able do a biopsy on her kidney because she couldn't withstand the procedure. But, Janice says it is cancer. They will be talking to Hospice. She is in good spirits and ready to meet her loved ones in heaven. Please pray for Janice & Joyce at this difficult time as well as Cleta.

From Julie Clouser:

Adalle, their granddaughter (who just turned 13 I believe), has been in a treatment facility for her eating disorder. She is doing very well and is being released to come home. Julie sends a "thank you so much" for praying. Please continue to pray. School will be starting next week and that can bring all kinds of stresses along with it.

From Kathi Foster:

Praises: Amy Hendrigsman now has a diagnosis for her health issues and it feeling much better. Brother Mung's daughter has been released from the hospital. Dan & Kelly Kursinsky went to visit her 92 year old grandpa and both he and Kelly's aunt got saved.

From Shelley Becker:

Travel mercies for the kids going back to school. Also please pray for the job God wants her to have.

From Laura Ojeda:

Margarita, a friend from biking, was surfing and broke her neck.

From Phillisha Francis:

She went to the doctor yesterday and she is now measuring 2 weeks behind in growth. They are concerned that the baby is not growing. ( Please pray for Phillisha. She was having some very intense pains at the end of Bible Study tonight. ) Please pray for her brother. Several people in his life have been shot & murdered recently. She wants him to turn to the Lord and not to the world.

From Julie Melton:

Please pray for AWANA - the kids, parents, workers. AWANA starts up again on Sept 5th.

From Peggy Nelson:

Please pray for her sister, Lola Brunk. She has less than 3 months to live. She has been more kind & loving to Peggy lately. Please pray for her salvation.

From Jane Clements:

Linda Martin & Joyce (?) both have bronchitis.

Inatius Francis:

Prayer & praise: he was able to communicate with the gal on the Sunday School prayer list that was done during class on Sunday. Also, please pray for the guy that is working with them now. He has some very strange beliefs about God. & is not saved.

From Steve Galler:

His cousin has Stage IV Breast Cancer & has had a mastectomy. She is not saved. Please pray for an open door for them to witness to her and how they can help her.

Kyle Powers, a friend at work, is asking questions. Please pray for opportunities for Steve to talk to him.

Steve needs to make a decision about a job opportunity that is opening up. He wants to do God's will in this.


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