Prayer Requests for Wednesday, 08/15/18

From Pete:

He spoke to his friend Mike Tam today. His step-daughter, Desiree Ferris, has been missing and is suspected to be a victim of foul play. They are now assuming that she is dead. Please pray for Mike & his wife, Patty. And of course, pray for Desiree if she is still alive. Please pray that there will be information to close this case.

From Mike Schorr:

Dan Ingram fell off a ladder at work last week. Also, please pray for the R.U. meetings.

From Susi Nash:

Her great nephew, Jack, will be having a kidney transplant on 8/27. His dad is a perfect match.

From Sally Roller:

They will be traveling. Also, their daughter-in-law, Charla, was bitten by a brown recluse spider. She is having great difficulty with the packing in the wound. It has to be kept open for a considerable amount of time (I think she said 2 months?).

From Phillisha Francis:

She has learned that the baby is actually growing but the measurement was off due to him being in a transverse position (side ways instead of up and down). She may have to have a C-section delivery. She is in constant paid due to this situation.

From Marla Sanders:

Chris is having hernia surgery on Friday.

From Bill Stacy:

Please pray for Brother Mung in Myanmar. He is undergoing a very tough situation there.

From Kevin Foster:

Please pray for his mom, Jan. She will be having a biopsy tomorrow for her cancer situation.

From Jesse Jammes:

Health situation for his dad. Also, his daughter, Ashley has been having arm problems since she was 17.

From Billie McNiel:

Jane Clements' sister had eye surgery today. Also, Linda Martin is a bit better but still not over her illness.

From Liz Schorr:

Her step-mom, Sandy, has a broken shoulder.

From Larry Clements:

Please pray for Jane's sister who had eye surgery today and Jane as she takes care of her.

Please pray for Daniel. He is having cancer surgery tomorrow.

From Wes Williams:

Please pray for Tre, KK & Kayanne. Also, please pray for Wes too.

From Linda Anderson:

Please pray for her as she deals with a situation with a co-worker.

From Nancy:

Her friend from back home, Marge Dawson, fell & nobody found her for 10 hours. This caused colon problems as well as a broken hip.

From Elijah Robinson:

Please pray for his trip to Mexico on 10/31. He will go back with Joe & Amy to work with them. Please pray for his heart to be prepared & ready as well as the trip itself.


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