Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 01/09/19

From Sally Roller:

The Kormack family - there has been a death in the family.

From Kevin Foster:

* There is a squabble and discord in his family with the siblings, etc. Please pray that it's resolved.

* Praise: his mom, Janet Swanson, got a good report from her scans. It's possible that the cancer is completely gone & they are seeing scar tissue.

From Kathi Foster:

Please pray for the situation with the government shutdown & the families who are affected, including Kathi's dad & his mortgage.

From Mike Schorr:

Eric Green asked for prayer for his baby son - Wesley. He has a double ear infection.

From Tom Abbey:

Please pray for Dottie Ison. They have her under hospice care now. She is in constant pain 24/7. Please pray for Dottie & the family.

From Kelsey Ohrem:

Please pray for her mom to have peace regarding decisions that have already been made.

From Lisa Vaughan:

Please pray for her friend Gail who lives in Canada. She will be having eye surgery on Friday afternoon. She will have to be flat on her face for seven weeks. She has already lost her ability to read. She has gone through this procedure already with the other eye.

From Deann Dahmer:

They have a friend named Bonnie who has been diagnosed with slow growing blood cancer.

From Kristie Kupka:

Her cousin has a 15 year old son, Mitchell, who they think has Lymphoma.

From Dan:

Pray for their neighbors, Ed & Julie.

From Toni Erickson:

Please pray for Jim. He is having lots of back pain. Also their daughter, Joni, is really sick at this time.

From Jane Clements:

*Larry is scheduled for an EDG on Monday. He is currently fighting pneumonia. Please pray he will be able to have the EDG as scheduled.

*Jane has an appointment on the 17th to see when she will be able to have her hip surgery.

* AND: Prayer request and announcement: They REALLY need help in the Kitchen Ministry.


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