Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 01/16/19

Pete: pray for the 12 person team going to Oaxaca in a week and a half, Mike and Liz, Sanders family, Siebolt‘s family. Pray for the site prep as they have started the roadway to the land and the driveway to the site. A group of people there have asked Joe to start a Bible study in the town where they’re building, God is working. Pray that God‘s hand would be on them and that he would encourage them and that he would bind Satan. Also, pray for Mike and Greg as they speak while there.

Jim: Pray for a young couple Jim married when he was pastoring, Kelsey Bush, had gallbladder surgery however the doctor nicked a bile duct and she is in serious condition with a five-month-old baby.

Burt: Jan has a head cold and please pray for her rehabilitation on her knee that she has to have before she can have surgery. Pray for encouragement for her that her spirits will be lifted.

Jane: praise that Larry had no ulcer and no cancer.

Kathy: please pray for our granddaughter, Davey, as she is back living with us. Pray that God would direct her along the right path and give her direction in life. Please pray for her mom and dad Misty and Sean as well. Pray for Wisdom and guidance for Kevin and I to make the right decisions with the help God wants us to give them.

Jay: please pray for a friend who has had a lot of failures in life and is suffering from guilt because of those failures.

Liz: spiritual battles

Someone asked prayer for the government employees that have lost their jobs and working for no pay. There are several church members who have been affected also.

Drew: please pray as he goes back to school that he would stay focused. Also please pray for his mom to not worry too much as he is away.

Linda: pray for Linda’s balance as she has taken another fall. She believes this to be due to her MS so please pray that God would control this disease.

Wes: he needs a specialist for a medical issue, pray that God would help him in arranging an appointment.

Dan: he and his little brother Johnny, have not talked since his mother died nine years ago. Dan received a text last week from Johnny and since then they have talked a couple times. Please pray that God would continue to mend this relationship.

Kelsey: pray that God would direct her steps.

Pete asked that as a church we will all ask God to show us the steps that he wants us to take every day.


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