Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 02/13/19

Don't know who shared this initially but, please pray for Peggy Nelson - she is in the hospital again with kidney stones. Her pain is being managed tonight & tomorrow she will have treatment.

From Sally Roller:

Please pray for Tom's niece, Ashley. She has a drug problem, has been in jail, etc.

Please pray for Tom & Sally. Tom retired February 1st & it is quite an adjustment.

From Kathi Foster:

Praise because the government is back to work. Her dad's house payments are straightened out now. Praise because she has had a long time prayer for her life answered. Please pray for their granddaughter, Davey, who lives with them. Also, pray for Misty & her husband.

From Kevin Foster:

Please pray for their friend, Bob. He has not been to church for a while.

From Carrie Cox:

Praise because she learned today she is cancer free!! (She had been fighting Melanoma on her back). Please pray that there is no additional government shutdown. Her uncle died today.

From Jim Erickson:

He retired the 1st of February also. Toni has been up in Montana helping with their grand kids for 3 weeks now. She is to fly back home this weekend in a major storm. Please pray for her safe arrival home.

From Liz Schorr:

Please pray for Mike. He will be gone from Monday through Thursday for the next several weeks & really struggles with that.

From Jane Clements:

Praise from Janice Hile! She has a colonoscopy & the tumor is gone! She will be having surgery tomorrow on her leg. Jane also thanks everybody for their prayers with her hip replacement surgery.

From Burt Brown:

Jan had 8 shots in each foot today. They put her to sleep first thank the Lord! She will have a knee replacement on March 5th.

From Laura Ojeda:

Her brother's (Julian's grandpa) prostate cancer has returned.

From Bailey Robinson:

Praise because she has now made it to the 2nd trimester. Please pray for a safe delivery. Also, please pray for her dad.

From Kristie Kupka:

John has a friend from school, Mark Moore, who has been diagnosed with Stage IV Prostate Cancer. It has spread to his hips, lungs & pelvis. He has a 3% chance of living 4 to 5 years. Thank the Lord that he is saved.

From Me:

Please pray for Terry. He has blockage in his heart & will be having a heart cath next Wednesday morning. Pray

or Julie Clouser. She will be having cataract surgeries on the next two Tuesdays.

Please keep Bill Stacy in your prayers. Thank you for praying!


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