Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 02/20/19

From Pete:

The Scriptures did not arrive this week. We will be getting Russian John & Romans next week and will be able to start assembling again.

Terry Collins had his heart procedure today.

Please pray for Janice Hile. Keep Bill Stacy in your prayers as well as Fred Lemaster. This winter weather has been hard on people who have had to be shut in.

From Kevin Foster:

One of their kids is struggling with financial issues, etc. Shelly, their sister-in-law, is in a coma. They do not think she is saved. Please pray for her daughters as well.

From Heather Boney:

Please keep Hudson in your prayers. He has been diagnosed with reflux & they are trying to find the right thing to help him. They will be taking him to an ENT because he is having a problem with choking & gasping. Also, they will be making a babysitting change in 2 weeks. Please ask the Lord to lead them to the right person.

From Kathi Foster:

Please keep her mom, Helen, in your prayers. She had a bad day yesterday. Please pray for her comfort.

From Liz Schorr:

Her Uncle Tom has 100% blockage, he is diabetic & has Stage 5 Kidney Disease. He needs surgery for stints but is not able to endure at this time.

From Rose Collins:

Please keep Peggy Nelson in your prayers. She has been sick for a long time & needs encouragement and comfort.

From Jane Clements:

Her friend is separated from her husband. He is a pastor, has had an affair & the kids are blaming her for this situation.

From Wes Williams:

He is asking for prayer for his spiritual life & that believers his age will stand up for the truth.

From Dan:

His dad has a fella coming to stay with him for 8 months. Please pray for the guy and his dad.

From Larry Clements:

Jane is still having hip pain from her surgery. She has overdone the exercise.


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