Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 02/27/19

Please pray for Pete & the other AFBM board members, including safe travels.

From Linda Martin:

Sandy Maday's daughter, Stephanie, will be having a test.

From Jane Clements:

Please pray for Peggy Nelson - she is having surgery.

Also, for Jan Brown who will be having knee replacement surgery on March 5th.

From Joyce West:

Please pray for Janice, their mom & brother-in-law.

From Muriel Wood:

Please pray for Jerry's back surgery on the 6th. He is having trouble walking. Please pray for smooth & successful surgery.

From Erika Meyers:

Her dad fell and broke his finger/hand. He will be having surgery.

From Jay Becker:

Elena is in Thailand: please pray for her protection.

From Susan Kennedy:

Her friend just lost her son to cancer. He was saved! Also, her friend Julie fell. She has a concussion & a broken hip.

From Liz Schorr:


From Deann Dahmer:

Pray for our country.

From Gar Walker:

The John & Romans came in.


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