Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 03/06/19

From Pete:

Please keep Peggy Nelson, Jan Brown, Bill Stacy & Fred Lemaster in your prayers.

Men's Prayer Meeting tomorrow night.

From Janice Hile:

PRAISE!!!! She is cancer free again and can walk now!! Thank you all for the prayers.

Please pray for Don & Joyce West. They are going through a lot.

From Kathi Foster:

Please continue to pray for her mom, Helen. She fell again and has been in lots of pain. She is not doing well. One of her nurses, Melissa, has a son who was severely beaten in Florida.

From Laura Ojeda:

Praise for all of the answered prayer and thanks you for praying!

From Jay Becker:

He has a friend whose little girl has cancer.

From Susi Nash:

Her son & daughter-in-law are traveling back to Thailand for a double funeral for her parents.

From Mike Schorr:

Asked for prayer for all of the people down south - hit by the huge tornado.

From Burt Brown:

Please pray for Jan. She is in lots of pain today. We have heard the pain increases on the 3rd day which is tomorrow - when she should be able to come home. Please pray for her quick healing. And for wisdom for Julie Clouser who needs the same surgery.

From Jim Erickson:

Please pray for Greg Waller. He is a medical doctor who is having lots of health issues. He gave up his practice to become a missionary and Satan is really attacking him.

From Kelsey Ohrem:

Please pray for her uncle Kurt's salvation. Also, please pray for Kelsey to stay in tune with God. She has been going through a lot.

From Liz:

She has a 22 year old client whose cancer was in remission. It is back now.

From Chris Sanders:

Please pray for them to know the direction God wants them to go in.

Also from Pete:

Let's all really be in prayer for each other, even keeping him accountable to be praying for us. Please pray Colossians 1:9-11 for a specific person in our church family.

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