Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 03/13/19

Pete reminded us to be praying Colossians 1:9-11 for each other and hold him accountable for praying it for us.

From Marla Sanders:

She said they are surviving and asked that we pray for their continued learning through this situation.

Her aunt has cancer & has started therapy. She is not doing well and is in the hospital.

Chris' uncle's lungs keep filling up with fluid. It may be mesothelioma.

Samuel, their middle son, got a second concussion over the weekend. The 1st one was last fall.

From Janice Hile:

Nicole is a friend of Melissa's (Joyce & Don's daughter). She had a lung biopsy. They do not think it's cancer. She is in ICU.

From Shelley Becker:

She has a job interview on Friday.

From Preston:

Pray for his dad. He is not doing well. They just lost Preston's mom a month ago.

From Larry Clements:

Jane is having a rough day today & stayed at home tonight.

From Liz (the new one):

Elsie, Liz's 23 year old client has a tumor in her chest and it is growing.

Jan Brown sends her thanks to everybody for praying for her & for the meals that have been provided.

Lisa Vaughan has asked for prayer for her mom, Jo. Jo has been sick since Monday afternoon. She saw the doctor yesterday & they are hoping she would get some antibiotics today. (My note: please keep Lisa in your prayers. She is the caregiver for her mom.)

and received via email from Laura Ojeda :

Please pray for Craig Henwood’s family. He died during a gravel race Saturday.

Thank you for praying for our church family!!


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