Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 03/20/19

Please pray for Pete & Kathy while they are on a much deserved break.

From Wes Williams: Please pray for the situation in New Zealand.  

From Kathi Foster: She wants a closer walk with God & his wisdom.  Especially in making decisions about her mom.

From Chris Sanders: There was a 3  year old boy killed today.Chris has accepted a short term job & will be out of town for a while.  Please continue to pray for his job situation,Samuel is still having issues with his concussion.  Please pray for his Uncle Danny.  They still do not know what's wrong with him & took another lung sample.  Still possible it's Mesotheioma.

From Lisa: McKenzie is 20 years old & has cancer.

From Jim Erickson: Mike & Virginia Gibbons are their friends.  I think he said from Bonner Springs.  Virginia has cancer.  She is currently in ICU.

From Davey (Kevin & Kathi Foster's granddaughter) Asked for prayer for Jessica.  Couldn't hear the details but the Lord did!

From Jane Clements: Laura Ojeda has a bad upper respiratory infection.  Keep Jan Brown in your prayers - she is having pain in her knee replacement recovery.  Jane is doing better with her hip replacement.Sandy Maday's daughter will be having surgery tomorrow.  

From Brandy Roof: One of their neighbors, Amber, is 56 years old and had a stroke.  Their other neighbor's (Mary) lost her dad on Feb 20th & her mom was killed by a FedEx truck.Brandy doesn't think her neighbors are saved.

From Gary Nelson: Thank you for praying for Peggy.  Prayer works!!

From Dawn: Her client's dad is in the Philippines.  He has cancer & has now had 4 chemo treatments.  They want to give him a total of 6.Dawn's stepmom's sister has cancer.Dawn's girlfriend's grandpa passed away due to cancer.  She's thankful that the friend stated she knew she'd see her grandpa in Heaven again some day,

Liz Schorr clarified Jon & Sky's requests for me because I didn't hear the details:Sky's wound is still not healed & is now infected.Jon (and Zach Schorr) will be taking the Elevator Aptitude Test in the near future to see if they will be able to join the Union.  This would be a pay increase for them & would be very beneficial.

Joyce West: Please pray for Cristella, her mom's roommate. Sounds like she gets very upset if anybody touches any of her belongings.  (Please pray for peace for Cleta & Cristella.  It's not easy adjusting to their stage of life.)

From Dan: A friend passed away but couldn't hear the details.

From Jay Becker: Praise!  He recently realized he had been doing his health care career for 30 years.

From Tom Abbey: Pray for the flood victims up north.

From Shelley Becker: Praise she has a phone interview tomorrow.  Thank you for praying for her interview last Friday.  The position wasn't the one for her.

From Stan McConaughey: Praise because Janice is healing & doing well.and it's the FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!  

From Rose Collings: Our family needs prayer....Terry is having health issues, Hannah lives with us & is a great kid - but I need wisdom to know how to teach & guide her and with Terry.

From Gary Coram after Bible Study: Please pray for his double cousin, Janice Roush.  Last night a nose bleed started that they couldn't get stopped at the local hospital.  The Warfarin she has been taking made her blood too thin.  They had to life flight her from Brookfield, MO to Columbia, MO.  Gary doesn't have any other details at this time.


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