Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 03/27/19

From Pete:

We have Easter tracts, door hangers & invitations for Easter Sunday & the Easter Egg Hunt out in the tract rack. Take as many as you will use. Easter is one time people will tend to go to church & many people say they would go to church if they were invited.

Please pray for Elmer & Sharon Doane.

Please pray for Heartland Church in Harrisonville. They are a good ministry & are like-minded with us. Doug Carragher will be there this week doing a Wounded Spirits Conference & Joe and Amy Hendrigsman will be there in a couple of weeks. They have not taken Joe & Amy on as missionaries yet. Please pray for that situation.

From Sally Roller:

Praises: They finally got Tom's financial stuff resolved with his retirement. Bri's daughter, Kourtney, is moving back home. Bri's divorce papers are finally with the judge to be signed.

Requests: Debbie Dalton's 92 year old dad fell at Christmas. While they were taking care of all of that they found a brain tumor. They are making preparations for the end of his life.

Pray for our country, our president & the government. These are very scary times.

From Kevin Foster:

Please pray for the Knatt family. Their dad has been diagnosed with cancer.

From Kathi Foster:

Please continue to pray for Hudson. They are taking him to the ER now with the concern that he may be dehydrated.

From Wes Williams:

His time with God. (couldn't hear the details)

From Mike Schorr:

Please pray for Chris Sanders & his family.

From Liz Schorr:

Pray that God would become her kids' God.

Sky will be having her 3rd surgery on her wound on Friday. Pray that they will hear what God is trying to teach them through this.

From: Lisa:

Her niece is a double transplant recipient. Her kidneys have a virus that can kill her kidneys.

From Burt Brown:

Praise because Jan is much better today. She is not crying with pain at this time. Thank you for praying & please continue to pray for her.

From Brandy Roof:

Please pray for Brett. His friend was killed on a motorcycle. Sounds like maybe they are roommates & Brett's involved with the family coming to see his room, etc. This is very difficult for Brett.

From Marla Sanders:

Please pray for Chris, including his spiritual condition, while he is out of town working.

Please pray for Samuel. He is still dealing with problems from his concussion. She had to go pick him up from school today at 10:AM.

From Shelley Becker:

Please pray for the right job opportunity.

From Bailey Robinson:

Please pray for her dad.

Please pray for her spiritual walk.

From Mindy Ward:

She has a 23 year old niece who is deaf. She got a cochlear implant when she was 2. She has the opportunity to really be helpful as a bridge between the deaf & hearing worlds. But she is going through a period of rebellion against her parents. She is angry that they did the implant because the altered her life path.

From Larry Clements:

Please pray for all in church who are having back pain.

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