Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 04/03/19

From Pete:

* Please be in prayer for the Bible Conference.  There is a lot of work to be done to get the new binder up and running.  Pray everything involving the equipment goes well.  The Carraghers & Herbsters will be here during the conference.  Carrie Ferguson will also be here.  She is a single woman who is going to be a missionary on the Ivory Coast.  It's hard to raise support for a single woman.  Pete realized in talking to her that she needs to be ministered to during her visit.

* Steve Zeiner told Pete all of the John & Romans are containerized and ready to ship to Togo.  This is the first time they will have an accurate Bible in the French & their tribal language.

Please check the missionary letters in the corner & pray for them.  

From Kathy Nugent :

Kathy has asked that we add an unspoken prayer request for her.

(Please really pray for Pete & Kathy on a daily basis.  And Brad & Kerrie.)

From Shelley Becker:

Alena's team in Thailand need prayers.  One girl has an eye infection that has left her blind in one eye.  Another gal is having respiratory problems due to forest fires.

From Gar Walker:

He talked to Fred Lemaster.  Fred appreciates our continued prayer.  He still has pneumonia in 1 lung.  He really wants to be at church but is listening from home.  

(Please keep Fred Lemaster & Bill Stacy in our prayers.  These are 2 special men in our family.)

From Kathi Foster:

* Please pray for Kevin & Kathi as they seek God's will for what he would have them do to for the poor & needy.

* I asked her how Hudson is doing and he's better.  But now Heather really does have the same thing.  Please pray for her.  Husband, son, baby, full time get the picture.

From Burt Brown:

Please keep Jan in your prayers.  She is still in a lot of pain.  She cried all the way through physical therapy today.

From Billie McNiel:

* She works with a lady whose mom has colon cancer.  She is having lots of difficulties.

* Please keep Elmer & Sharon Doane in your prayers.

From Jane Clements:

* Pray for her friend Ruth & her husband. 

* An elderly couple has moved into the house across the street from them.  The husband has Parkinson's.  She is praying for the opportunity to witness to them.

From Dawn Bown:

She has been going through a rough period of fighting lots of discouragement.

From Me:

Julie Clouser will be having knee replacement surgery next Tuesday.

From Marla Sanders:

Praise & thank you for praying for Samuel.  He is much better.

From Sandy Maday:

Pat Miller had hip replacement surgery on Tuesday.

From Liz Schorr:

Please pray for the families in church.  There is so much attack going on.

From Brian Miller after Bible Study:

* Please pray for his mom.  She is having pain with her hip replacement surgery.

* Their younger daughter, Abby, broke the humerus bone up high by her shoulder.  Fortunately it was a clean break. They have it immobilized now.  She is in lots of pain and is having trouble sleeping.  She will be seeing an orthopedic surgeon but the appointment has not been set up yet.


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