Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 04/10/19

From Sally Roller:

Pray for Bri & her family.  Kourtney moved back home & there is a lot of turmoil.

From Liz Schorr:

Praise because the boys both passed the aptitude test for elevators. Please pray that God will lead them to the right jobs.

Pray that Sky & Brooke will find jobs

Please really pray for Mike tomorrow.  He has a big meeting.

Carrie Cox's biopsy was rescheduled from today.  They are working to find a deaf interpreter to help Carrie through the process.  Please pray for her & her daughter Chloey.  

From Lisa:

Krista, her friend who is a young woman has become homeless.

From Kathi Foster:

There is a ministry opportunity at The City Union Mission.  They have family activity nights on Saturday nights.  Just so happens that our group was assigned that event on the same nights that we are there serving dinner.  This will be great because it will allow more time to get to know people, talk & pray with them & lead them to the Lord.

Praise because Davey, their granddaughter, is doing so well.  She has been able to move out of their house.  

From Heather Boney:

She has a friend whose mother has colon cancer.  (Kathryn & Leanna) They did surgery on her & found that the cancer has spread throughout her body - Stage IV.   She has 6 months to live without chemo & possibly a bit longer with it.

From Jane Clements:

Pray for Peggy Nelson.  

Julie Clouser came home today. ( She told me she had difficulty getting into the house & was thankful to have pain pills.)  Please pray for a quick & easy recovery for her.

Jane's friend, Anna McLaughlin had a total hip replacement today.  

From Dan Ingram:

Please pray for his dad.  He has, or has had, cancer.

From Carl Cockrum:

Please pray for Israel.  They just had an election Benjamin Netanyahu is Prime Minister again.

From Dawn Bown:

She just got an opportunity to work with teenagers in a whole new capacity.  Please pray for her courage & guidance.

Praise because God took care of one of the things she was so burdened with last week.

From Bob:

His boss's wife's mother has serious heart problems and because of her age she is not eligible for a heart transplant.

From Shelley Becker:

Her daughter is still in Thailand.  They will be holding a camp for kids around the area to come to.

From Sharon Doane:

Thanks to all who prayed for Elmer & her.  Elmer is all settled back at the VA home & is doing well.

From Jesse Jammes:

Please pray for his father, Fred.  He is in lots of pain and is waiting for the hospice people to come back in.


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