Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 04/18/19

Please be in prayer for Burt & Jan Brown. Jan had to take Burt to the hospital before Bible Study started. Jan recently had a knee replacement surgery and has had a very painful recovery. Jan's mom lives with Burt & Jan. Burt has had lots of health problems. They are dealing with a lot. I got a text from Jan saying that he is better. They are checking him for a stroke & his blood sugar was 58 even with eating dinner with dessert and Kathy giving him candy & orange juice as they were leaving. Jan doesn't know if they are keeping him overnight or not. They are at St. Luke's East and Jan's daughter, Lori, is with her. Pete went to the hospital after Bible Study. We will advise when we know more.

From Kathi Foster:

Please pray for her nephew, Ryder, and his family. He has spina bifida & has a lot of health difficulties. He is in the hospital in tremedous pain.

From Bailey Robinson:

Please pray for her dad. He was notified that they are cutting his benefits in half, which will cause lots of problems.

From Brad Nelson:

He got a text from Les Brown saying that Tyler fell and school & they think he broke a bone.

From Liz Schorr:

Praise! Jon got a call from Schindler & he starts his new job on Friday.

From Chris Sanders:

He goes back to the Hartwell job in Georgia. He starts on the 30th and may be there 4 weeks.

From Carl Cockrum:

Please keep Carmen & Jack Evans in your prayers. Carmen took a fall & broke some ribs.

From Kevin Foster:

Please pray that new people will come on Easter & hear the gospel.

From Rose Collins:

Please keep Julie Clouser in your prayers as she recovers from knee replacement surgery.

And THANK YOU to whomever left the sea treasures in my mail box! It is so nice to be known & loved. : )

Lisa texted me earlier tonight to say they wouldn't be at Bible Study tonight but needed our prayers. Please put Kelly, Lisa's dad, and the rest of the family on your prayer list. Kelly was put under Hospice care due to overall decline. He'll be 90 years old in December so he's had a blessed life. They covet our prayers. Also, please pray for Lisa. She has been the sole caregiver for her parents for all the years years that they have needed help. Please pray for God's blessings on her, rest & strength.


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