Prayer Requests from Wednesday, 05/02/18

From Rose Collins:

I have had lots going on & do need to ask for prayer for my life. God knows the details of what I need. I am so truly thankful for my Grace family who continues to love me over and over. And I want to thank everybody who prayed for my grandson, Matt, and his job interview. God has greatly blessed Matt and he got the job!!! This is a huge thing in his life and he knows it is a blessing from the Lord.

From Pete:

The scriptures came in & the John & Romans assembly will start again tomorrow.

From Liz Schorr:

Praise for the power of God's word. Mike needs prayer re: the possible job opportunity that has come up. Brooke Pycior's sister is 32 weeks pregnant. She has a blood clot in her lungs and cancer. She is being prepped for emergency C-section. Sky has a bad infection.

From Fran Street:

Her sister, Becky Schmidt, passed away. Please pray for her kids. Fran's cousin, Marie, had surgery & is doing well.

From Kathi Foster:

Kevin is leaving tomorrow for a race. Her mom, Helen, is not doing too well. Please pray for the people at the nursing home. Please pray for Heather and her pregnancy.

From Bob:

He has a couple of friends who are saved, but talking about divorce.

From Wes:

Trey & KK - they are going through a lot. Balance for Wes' life.

From Lisa Vaughan:

Thank you for praying for her dad. He will be flying here next week. They got a room for him at a residential facility.

From Don West:

Joyce is going through a lot with her mom & Janice. Savannah, 16 year old granddaughter, has a cyst & they are wanting to treat her with birth control pills. He is concerned about that.

From Jane Clements:

Sandy Maday's mom passed away.

From Joyce:

A good friend, Lois, had a stroke. A co-worked died in a car wreck yesterday.

From Billie McNiel:

Braxton, her 22 month old great-grandson, does have cancer. Please pray for the doctors, the parents & little Braxton. They are doing tests this week.


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