Prayer Requests from Wednesday, 05/09/18

From Pete:

He & Brad went to visit Janice Hile today. Janice has cancer and now has a broken leg. They are waiting to see what the pathology reports show. Janice is an amazing encouragement to us all. Please keep Janice & her family in your prayers. (Jan Brown talked to her yesterday and we have another praise: the insurance company approved the medication for Janice's treatment!!)

From Myrna Vaughan:

Her friend, Reba, has Stage IV Cancer in her lungs, brain & hip. She is saved & praising God through this. Please pray for her.

From Liz Schorr:

Carrie Cox's uncle just passed away.

Sky is having surgery next Wednesday to remove a cyst.

An interesting unspoken for Mike & Liz.

From Kevin Foster:

Their sister-in-law, Ann Williams, has been in a coma for months. She now has infections. Please pray for Ann & her kids.

They have a friend who has been close to the Lord in the past. He is now having struggles with relationships.

From Shelly Becker:

Please pray for all of the kids: graduating, the end of the school year, coming home from college.

From Sharon Doane:

Please pray for Elmer & his caregivers.

From Don West:

A 23 year old young man who just served in Afghanistan was stabbed & killed today.

From Nancy:

Her grandson, Lane, leaves for the Air Force.

From Jennifer:

Restoration with hardened hearts.

From Linda Cockrum:

A teenager in Florida was grabbed and taken by an alligator.

From Lisa Vaughan:

Praise - her Dad has moved back to Missouri. He is in a facility in Lee's Summit.

Heather Boney met an elderly man during door-to-door on Saturday. His wife, Kathy, is sick with cancer and they can't go to church.

Julie & Allan Clouser's granddaughter, Adalle, still needs prayer. She has had another cutting incident.


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