Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 05/15/19

From Pete:

* Pray for the AWANA Ceremony this Wednesday Night. Please pray that God would be glorified & somebody will get saved. Please plan on attending to support our kids & the workers.

* We have a Wednesday Night Summer Program for the kids. Nathan & Anita Musteen will teach but they need helpers. Just let them know verbally if you can help. There will be no formal schedule for helpers. They will just come out & ask you to come back as needed.

From Fran Street:

Please pray for Kenneth. He will be having an MRI next Tuesday. Please ask God to give good results of the test.

From Kathi Foster:

* Please pray for Bryson. He was hit in the head with a rock today & is having some confusion. He was taken to the doctor & they say he is OK.

* Please pray for Helen, Kathi's mom. She is in her last days & is having some anxiety and confusion.

* Please pray for Kathi's dad. He is elderly, lives alone & is not willing to consider living elsewhere.

From Dan Ingram:

I think the name was Nita Lynn? It sounds like she has a blood clot in her kidneys - and perhaps has had a previous blood clot.

From Shelley Becker:

Please pray for Scott & Sarah - they are friends... pray for their son Will.

From Linda Martin:

Praise: Her brother, (Mike I think is his name ) was in town over the weekend. He had pancreatic cancer and is cancer free at this point. He has finished chemo & radiation. He will have a CAT scan the end of June. This has brought him to a whole new place with the Lord.

From Kevin Foster:

Please pray for their 3 girls - they are all going through things at this time. Also, please pray for his mom. She has been a cancer patient & is still having trouble with smoking.

From Rose Collins:

Huge Praise! Hannah was given a $50,000 scholarship to MU today through KC Scholars. Hannah knows it was a great gift from God & He know it was just the gift of love she needed.

From Joyce Lawson:

I think she said her mom - Joan Lawson? But couldn't hear details.

From Dale Walker:

Their company announced today that they are doing a consolidation. The KC people will keep their jobs but all other front line bankers will go. Jobs are going to the Phillipines.

Thank you for praying!!


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