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Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 05/15/19

From Pete:

* Pray for the AWANA Ceremony this Wednesday Night. Please pray that God would be glorified & somebody will get saved. Please plan on attending to support our kids & the workers.

* We have a Wednesday Night Summer Program for the kids. Nathan & Anita Musteen will teach but they need helpers. Just let them know verbally if you can help. There will be no formal schedule for helpers. They will just come out & ask you to come back as needed.

From Fran Street:

Please pray for Kenneth. He will be having an MRI next Tuesday. Please ask God to give good results of the test.

From Kathi Foster:

* Please pray for Bryson. He was hit in the head with a rock today & is having some confusion. He was taken to the doctor & they say he is OK.

* Please pray for Helen, Kathi's mom. She is in her last days & is having some anxiety and confusion.

* Please pray for Kathi's dad. He is elderly, lives alone & is not willing to consider living elsewhere.

From Dan Ingram:

I think the name was Nita Lynn? It sounds like she has a blood clot in her kidneys - and perhaps has had a previous blood clot.

From Shelley Becker:

Please pray for Scott & Sarah - they are friends... pray for their son Will.

From Linda Martin:

Praise: Her brother, (Mike I think is his name ) was in town over the weekend. He had pancreatic cancer and is cancer free at this point. He has finished chemo & radiation. He will have a CAT scan the end of June. This has brought him to a whole new place with the Lord.

From Kevin Foster:

Please pray for their 3 girls - they are all going through things at this time. Also, please pray for his mom. She has been a cancer patient & is still having trouble with smoking.

From Rose Collins:

Huge Praise! Hannah was given a $50,000 scholarship to MU today through KC Scholars. Hannah knows it was a great gift from God & He know it was just the gift of love she needed.

From Joyce Lawson:

I think she said her mom - Joan Lawson? But couldn't hear details.

From Dale Walker:

Their company announced today that they are doing a consolidation. The KC people will keep their jobs but all other front line bankers will go. Jobs are going to the Phillipines.

Thank you for praying!!


If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.  We would love to help you grow closer in your walk with God.


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