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Prayer Requests from Wednesday, 06/06/18

From Pete:

Men's Prayer Meeting is tomorrow night at 7PM.

Saturday we go down to The City Union Mission & Door to Door in the morning.

Please pray for the High School Camp.

Please pray that the Fireworks Tent project will be profitable.

From Sally Roller:

* Bri - Sally is very concerned about her.  

* Levi, their 1 yr old grandson who has sleep apnea, will have his tonsils & adenoids removed.  They are hoping that will help by removing some of the obstruction.

From Kevin Foster:

Please pray for Kathi's mom, Helen.  She has been in a very agitated state. She even escaped the facility and tried to get into a car.  Please pray for her comfort & peace, as well as Kathi's.

From Peggy Nelson:

Her sister, Lola, has cancer in her brain, lungs & lymph nodes.  She is not saved but has asked that Pete visit her.  Pete asks that we all pray for that visit.

From Sharon Doane:

Please pray for Elmer.

From Don West:

* Please pray for Janice Hile.  Her cancer has spread.  ( When I asked about it after Bible Study he didn't really have many specifics.) 

* His friend, Jeremy Erwin.

* Stan McConaghey's grandson, Shane Nelson, is in the Army and leaving for South Korea.

From Sandy Maday:

Her 3rd brother, Dave, has cancer now.  He had some surgery this week.  He seems to feel good about it all.  He & his wife are living in a camper for now.  I believe she said they are waiting for the purchase of their house to be settled.

From Julie Clouser:

Please continue to pray for Adalle, their 12 year old granddaughter.  She had a phone interview with the clinic in St. Louis today.  Please pray that she is accepted - that sounds like the place where they can help her.  She said she does want to get better.

From Linda Martin:

Her brother, sister-in-law & mom will be coming to church with her on Sunday.

From Liz Schorr:

Praise for RU & the group.  Please pray for Sky as she recovers from her surgery.  

From Phillisha Francis:

* Her sister-in-law is expecting twins and something is wrong with one of the babies.  

* Phillisha was in the hospital over the weekend.  There is a concern that she may be starting to deliver early.  The baby is not due until September.  

From Bill Stacy:

Please pray for Roger Slead.  He has had several serious heart issues over the years.  He is in St. Luke's on the Plaza.  He is sounding down and out - like he has given up.  He will possibly be going to John Knox soon.  

From Shannon Welch:

Please pray for Mike & Angie.  They have been married 3 years and are having problems.  Mike is ready to give up.  He is saved.


If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.  We would love to help you grow closer in your walk with God.


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