Prayer Requests from Wednesday, 06/06/18

From Pete:

Men's Prayer Meeting is tomorrow night at 7PM.

Saturday we go down to The City Union Mission & Door to Door in the morning.

Please pray for the High School Camp.

Please pray that the Fireworks Tent project will be profitable.

From Sally Roller:

* Bri - Sally is very concerned about her.  

* Levi, their 1 yr old grandson who has sleep apnea, will have his tonsils & adenoids removed.  They are hoping that will help by removing some of the obstruction.

From Kevin Foster:

Please pray for Kathi's mom, Helen.  She has been in a very agitated state. She even escaped the facility and tried to get into a car.  Please pray for her comfort & peace, as well as Kathi's.

From Peggy Nelson:

Her sister, Lola, has cancer in her brain, lungs & lymph nodes.  She is not saved but has asked that Pete visit her.  Pete asks that we all pray for that visit.

From Sharon Doane:

Please pray for Elmer.

From Don West:

* Please pray for Janice Hile.  Her cancer has spread.  ( When I asked about it after Bible Study he didn't really have many specifics.) 

* His friend, Jeremy Erwin.

* Stan McConaghey's grandson, Shane Nelson, is in the Army and leaving for South Korea.

From Sandy Maday:

Her 3rd brother, Dave, has cancer now.  He had some surgery this week.  He seems to feel good about it all.  He & his wife are living in a camper for now.  I believe she said they are waiting for the purchase of their house to be settled.

From Julie Clouser:

Please continue to pray for Adalle, their 12 year old granddaughter.  She had a phone interview with the clinic in St. Louis today.  Please pray that she is accepted - that sounds like the place where they can help her.  She said she does want to get better.

From Linda Martin:

Her brother, sister-in-law & mom will be coming to church with her on Sunday.

From Liz Schorr:

Praise for RU & the group.  Please pray for Sky as she recovers from her surgery.  

From Phillisha Francis:

* Her sister-in-law is expecting twins and something is wrong with one of the babies.  

* Phillisha was in the hospital over the weekend.  There is a concern that she may be starting to deliver early.  The baby is not due until September.  

From Bill Stacy:

Please pray for Roger Slead.  He has had several serious heart issues over the years.  He is in St. Luke's on the Plaza.  He is sounding down and out - like he has given up.  He will possibly be going to John Knox soon.  

From Shannon Welch:

Please pray for Mike & Angie.  They have been married 3 years and are having problems.  Mike is ready to give up.  He is saved.


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