Prayer Requests from Wednesday, 06/27/18

From Anita Coram:

Makenna Carnaoli was bitten by a dog and is at the ER at this time.  She will have to undergo Rabies shots.  

From Kevin Foster:

His mom, Jan, has had a recurrence of lung cancer. Please pray for her comfort, peace & that God would deliver her from the bondage of smoking.

Their sister-in-law, Ann passed away.  She was in a coma for 8 months.  (I think he said she was saved.)  Please pray for her family.

From Linda Cockrum:

Please pray for their daughter and her family.  They will be traveling down for a visit with Carl & Linda.

From Phillisha Francis:

She went for checkup and the baby is growing as he should.  

From Janelle Carter (sorry - I don't know her new last name!) :

Praise for her recent marriage.  

Please pray for her dad & the loss of her mom.

From Sally Roller:

Please pray for Bri & her girls.  Also please pray for Sally.  ( It's hard being a mom & grandma!! )

From Kathi Foster:

Praise for all who have volunteered for the 4th of July community outreach project.  Please pray that it would be used by the Lord and would bring glory to God.

From Sharon Doane:

Please pray for Elmer.

From Jane Clements:

A man at Quik Trip named Roy asked for prayer.

Please pray for Emma, their granddaughter.  They are still waiting for test results.

From Jennifer:

Praise - Heather's mom got the medication that she needs & now has an appetite and is able to eat.

From Wes Williams:

Please pray for Trey & KK.  They are going through a lot.  Trey has a condition where he responds slower than others.  They are seeking treatment and help for him.

From Dan:

Mike & Juliette said they would come to Bible Study.  Please pray that they will.

From Jesse Jammes:

Please pray for his dad.  He is sick & in the hospital.

From Joyce West:

She has a medical issue that she can't get rid of.

From Inatius Francis:

I could not hear his request - but the Lord did. 

Also, after Bible Study I received an unspoken prayer request from Linda Anderson.


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