Prayer Requests from Wednesday, 07/11/18

From Janelle Murphy:

She is having to deal with a court issue. Please ask the Lord to guide her & take are of this situation.

From Liz Schorr:

She needs wisdom on a unspoken request & praise for the souls saved yesterday at the funeral service for Amanda's dad.

Pete added that between 40 & 60 people got saved.

( Please keep Amanda, Jerad, the kids and the rest of Amanda's family in your prayers. Also, please pray for Jerad & his family. I am sure he is fine in keeping this quiet - but he is one of my "kids" so I am asking. He has suffered greatly in the past due to injuries received in military service. He has been in a lot of severe pain since April. Please ask the Lord to relieve his pain and open the door to the doctor who knows how to help him. )

From Bob:

His mom is now losing her short term memory.

From Elijah Robinson:

His brother, Jordan, had a car accident.

From Gar Walker:

Praise: He talked to Fred Lamaster and he is home now. He is weak and walking with a walker but he is so glad to be home.

From Don West:

Please pray for Joyce & her mom - that they both get good test results. Also, a man Don has worked with in the past was murdered over the weekend.

From Phillisha Francis:

Praise because she is finally starting to gain weight. Both she & the baby are doing well.

From Inatius Francis:

Praise because they have his daughter with them for the rest of the Summer and it is an answer to lots of prayer.

From Chris Sanders:

The employee who fell 20 ft at work is doing amazingly well. Please continue to pray for him.

From Kathi Foster:

Please pray for her & the things God is dealing with her on.

From Sharon Doane:

Please pray for Elmer. He took a fall on Monday. He has hurt his head as well as his hip & leg.


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