Prayer Requests from Wednesday, 07/25/18

Pastor Pete - Pray for for Amy Hendrigsman. She's very sick and they are flying her to Oaxaca City. Please pray for Amy & Joe. And please pray for Pete & the others who are at High School Camp.

Jan Brown – Terry Collins was feeling ill and couldn’t come to church tonight and Rose was concerned about him so she was unable to come either.

Kathi Foster – Amy Hendrigsman’s brother-in-law, Chris, was taken to hospital in ambulance today for emergency surgery on his knee. There is some clotting and they are giving him clot dissolving meds but they are concerned about them.

Also, Amy has been sick for 6 weeks and is mostly bed-ridden and unable to eat. She has been to doctors but they can’t figure out what is wrong. She needs to be directed to a doctor who can diagnose the problem and get her started on right medications. This is also affecting Joe as they are a team in this ministry and he is struggling right now with many attacks of satan trying to discourage him.

Bill Bland – his co-worker’s daughter, Theresa Douglas, has a miscarriage at 7 months.

Sally Roller – Her daughter, Bri Jacobson, and Bri’s daughters as they go through the ordeal of divorce. 2 young couples that are friends of theirs who are having marital problems.

Her daughter-in-law, Charla Roller, got bitten by a spider and they think it was a brown recluse. She is in the hospital and getting steroids. Pray for no infection and for healing.

Sally is changing jobs so pray for all the changes she is having to adjust to.

Levi – 18 mo. Old grandsom with sleep apnea, had a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy 6 weeks ago and is not eating and pulling out his oxygen tube.

Kerrie Nelson – Praise: Their family took vacation to Florida with 2 other families from their prior church in New Jersey and one of the couples does not know the Lord. Kerrie had been praying for a chance to witness to Sarah Grande and as they were sitting on the beach and Kerrie was trying to talk to her about it, two young college girls doing beach ministry, popped under the umbrella and were able to clearly give a gospel presentation to Sarah. She did not get saved but she admitted that she was lost but said she was not quite ready, so please pray for her salvation.

Shelly Becker – Praise: They were able to get their sewer fixed after a long and stinky process. Pray for travel mercies for Alexis and Aleena (Colorado). Pray for the family of former co-worker who’s 21 year old daughter, Ashley Marie Gasiorowski, passed away suddenly.

Don West – 3 year old great niece, Eva Incrasia, has sleep apnea.

Kathy Nugent – High School Camp is going good, keep praying.

Ann Asperheim’s mother passed away Sunday and the services will be Friday. Scott’s mom passed away just a week ago.

Philisha Francis – Her friend’s 13 year old son, Frederick, was shot in the face. He’s had surgery and he is able to walk and the dr’s had said he wouldn’t be able to. His mouth is wired shut so he’s having to drink his food. His family are Christians. Pray for his healing and comfort as he heals.

Jane Clements – Praise for being able to get A/C on van fixed by the mechanic who was recommended by a highly made up lady with big false eye lashes at a grocery store who overheard the story. They were able to get their A/C fixed at a cost. Much less than they had been quoted here in KC. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover or in this case a fancy lady with false eyelashes.

Lisa Vaughan – She has met with the facility they are trying to get her dad into. Pray they will accept him if this is what is right for him. Friend, Barry, had liver transplant and it was successful.

Inatius Francis – Philisha’s dad is going through lots of trials right now. His name is Philip.

Through the Sander’s, they met a couple who are trying to start a homeless ministry here in KC. Please pray they will be led to the right people who can help them get this off the ground.


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