Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 08/21/19

From Pete:

Dan Ingram couldn't be here tonight, but has asked us to pray for Eric who has pancreatic cancer.  His tests are showing good results.  Please pray that Dan will be able to have a good opportunity to work with Eric through this experience.

From Mike Schorr:

Eric Green's grandma died - but she was saved!!!  Eric asks that we pray his cousin will get saved through this experience of loss of their grandma & the funeral.  Wesley (Eric's little son) is sick with a high fever. 


Sandy Maday:

John Gowans has been diagnosed with Leukemia.

From Sally Roller:

Tom's son, Jesse, is still having issues from his accident with memory, speech, feeling in his legs.

Tom's nephew, Kim Sawyer, had open heart surgery the end of June.  He has been in & out of the hospital with infection.  He is now going to Barnes Hospital in St. Louis to have surgery.  If they don't get the problem healed he may have to have an artificial sternum.  

Kim's mom, Judy Sawyer, has cancer & is weak from the chemo.  She fell and broke her foot.

Their friend, Steven Jones, keeps making too much stomach acid & can't keep food down.  

From Liz Schorr:

Sky will have her 4th surgery in 16 months.  Please pray that God would work in her healing and in her life through this situation.

Please pray for health & growth in all of her kids lives.  

Salvation for Donnie Orlando.

Madison had an emergency C-section.  Both she & the baby are ok.  She had a little girl.

From Phillisha Francis:

Her grandma's aunt died.  They do not think she was saved.

Her friend's baby, Vanessa, is at Children's Mercy Hospital with an infection.

From Bill Oliver:

He works with a Highway Patrolman named Carl.  Carl is going through some things in his life.  Bill has a chance to talk to him & they talk about Jesus.  Please pray he will be saved.  He is Catholic.

Deanna Dahmer: 

Their great-nephew, Lucas, was born today.  He weighs 2.5 lbs and may have heart problems.

From Jane Clements:

Traveling mercies for her trip to California.  Her son is taking her to the Price Is Right Show.  She hopes to get on and win a car.

From Lisa Vaughan:

Her Aunt Sara Lou, her mom's sister, fell  & broke a hip.  She has had a partial hip replacement.  She also has severe dementia.

From Janice Hile:

God's guidance for Jonathan & Jessica.  

From Brad Nelson:

Dan Ingram texted him & asked for prayer for Jamie.  She is having a very difficult & stressful time at work.

From Susi Nash:

Her daughter-in-law will have a C-Section on Friday morning.

From Shelly Becker:

Their friend, Danny Masters, fell and broke a hip.

From Heather Boney:

Thank you to all who have been praying for their family.  Praise because they are seeing God work & things improve.

From Brandi Berkstresser:

The High School Class

From Marla Sanders:

Praise - she has been struggling with something in her life for years & it was lifted last Wednesday Night.  Something Pete said during the Bible Study was used to lift this burden from her.

From Wes Williams:

Praise God because he never leaves or forsakes us. And praise for our church family.  Please pray for Wes - that he will get back to where he needs to be.

From Inatius Francis:

He met a fellow believer at a radio concert and in talking to her learned that she is discouraged because she wonders if her son will ever get saved.  Pete suggested two books that would be very helpful in you have a concern like this: Rebel with a Cause by Franklin Graham & the biography of John Newton.

From Mindy Ward:

Could not hear.

From Tom Abbey:

The community of Raytown just has more & more shootings.  This last one was not far from their home.

Pete asked that we really begin to pray for the families of the shooting victims.


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