Prayer Requests from Wednesday, 08/22/18

From Don West:

His mother-in-law, Cleta Decker, is now in a nursing home. She is at Truman East and they are doing an evaluation on her. Please pray for Cleta, Joyce & Janice Hile at this time also. ( Cleta is their mom)

From Kevin Foster:

Please pray for his mom. They are waiting for biopsy results to see if her lung cancer has returned.

From Kathi Foster:

Please pray for the Steve & Jackie Klodson & their family. Jackie's dad had a very big heart surgery & her mom is struggling with this.

From Linda Martin:

Her brother, Mike, lives in San Antonio. Mike has pancreatic cancer. She talks to him daily & this seems to be drawing him closer to the Lord & he is in good spirits.

From Billie McNiel:

Her friend, Elizabeth Cummings, has breast cancer.

From Liz Schorr:

Mike has been able to talk to Mike Merch (the guy on the Sunday School list for salvation). Pray for Courtney Mirch, Mike Mirch’s, 34 yr old niece that has breast cancer and has chose to get a double mastectomy.

Please pray for Lucas - that God will get a hold of his heart.

Two unspoken requests for Liz.

From Jay Becker:

An unspoken praise.

From Lisa Vaughan:

Her friend, Barry, had a liver transplant 3 weeks ago and is doing well from that. But he is not saved.

From Jane Clements:

Her niece has problems with drugs. She went to court & appealed to the judge using the scriptures Jane shared with her from Pete's message on Sunday. The judge is giving her one month & if she doesn't test clear for drugs she will go to jail for 10 years.

Jane will be having hip replacement surgery on September 12.

From Deann Dahmer:

Marlo Jones (their oldest son's friends' daughter) is 6 years old. She has a condition where her bowel twist & she can't keep food down. She had 2 surgeries yesterday. Please pray that they were successful & the problem is taken care of.

From Dale Walker:

His mom, Jean Dugger, has Fibromyalgia and is having lots of pain. (She is not able to use the medication normally used I believe Dale said)

From Heather Boney:

Heather is expecting in November and she has to take an injection to prevent an early delivery. They are having a problem in getting the medication for the injections. She is due for the next shot on Friday. Please pray there are no problems from this if she doesn't get to have the shot on Friday - and also that there will be no problems with future injections between now & her delivery date.

Heather's coworker is Stacy. Stacy's dad & stepmom were on the way down for a visit. Chis, her stepmom, was in terrible leg & back pain. She went to the hospital and has been there for a week & has already had one back surgery. Chris is septic. Also, the dad is staying with one of his kids in town & is being very mean, etc. Please pray for the whole family at this difficult time.

From Sharon Doane:

Praise - today was Elmer's birthday. Several people went to have a party with him & he knew it was his birthday, as well as today's date. He enjoyed his party.

From Rose Collins:



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