Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 08/28/19

From Pete:

* Update on John Gowans:  He has Acute Leukemia & has been on radical chemo for a week.  He is handling it pretty well.  He will stay in the hospital for 3 weeks because his immune system is so low.  He is in good spirits, as is Sharon.  They truly appreciate our prayers.  

* The Scriptures did not come in this week but will be here hopefully next week.  

* Please pray regularly for Dan Schmidt.  Ask God to make it abundantly clear where God wants Dan to go.

From: Ken Street:

Their daughter, Sheryl, will go for another biopsy tomorrow.

From Sally Roller:

Tom's nephew, Kim, still has too much infection for surgery.  

From Brandi Roof:

Praise because her sister's premie baby is now at 6 lb, 4 oz.  He is having no problems and will get to go home in a couple of weeks.

From Dan Ingram:

Dan had a couple of requests, but I couldn't hear.  But God hears it all.

From Mike Schorr:


From Nancy Scott:

A dear friend in Indiana just went into Hospice Care.  

From Kelsey Ohrem:

Her mother is really struggling - please pray for her as well as Kelsey's handling of it.

From Liz Amhole:

Big praise for the Title 10 - a lot of money was cut off from Planned Parenthood.

From Joyce West:

Praise because her sister, Janice Decker, will be celebrating another birthday tomorrow.  (That's a big deal for a cancer survivor for sure!)

From Liz Schorr:

Pray for our country.  She just realized that all of the Representative Seats are open.  The Election will be November 3rd.


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