Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 09/04/19

From Shannon & Loretta Welch:

Brian, Shannon's younger brother, has been diagnosed with Multiple Myloma.  This is cancer dealing with bones & blood.  It is in his spine, pelvis, hip etc.  He has so many lesions that they quit counting.  He is having an MRI tonight at 8:30 on his right hip - there is a large lesion there.  He is 45 years old & in the construction business.  Please keep Brian & the family in your prayers.

From Heather Boney:

She has a broken tooth & is having it pulled tomorrow.  Please pray for the procedure & her anxiety level.

From Tom Abbey:

Sun is having some heart issues.  She will have an MRI tomorrow morning.  

From Jim Erickson:

* Yesterday his uncle Don went into Hospice Care.  He has Esophageal Cancer & it's spread now to his liver and lymph nodes.  He is saved & ready to go.  Please pray for the family.

* Please pray for the Men's Camp Out this weekend.  Please pray that God will meet with them Friday night.

From Dan Ingram:

His friends mom is 90 years old & had a stroke.  Dan had additional requests but I couldn't hear the details.

From Liz Schoor:

Pray for the Mission Di Grassia Banquet.  They want it to be what God wants.

From Laura Ojeda:

Various family situations

From Linda Martin:

* Her granddaughter, Kaylee, is studying in Italy for a semester.  She is miserable and having a very hard time.  She will come home in December.

* Amy, Gary's daughter, has a 50/50 chance of having  Crohns Disease which is what Gary died from.  

From Jane Clements:

* Pray for Jesse Jammes.  He has a lot to deal with in regards to his dad's death settling his dad's affairs.

* Please pray for Graham, their grandson.  He has Autism.

From Muriel Wood:

Please pray that Jerry's back surgery is a success & gives him relief.

From Shelly Becker:

Danny Masters

From Brian Miller:

I couldn't hear but the Lord did.


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