Prayer Requests from Wednesday, 09/05/18

From Pete:

Please pray for these new mothers & their babies:

Phillisha Francis & Inatuis

Makenna Carnaoli & Noah


Bob's daughter, Katelyn, is expecting and is in danger of delivering too early. They want her to wait until the end of September.

Men's Prayer Meeting tomorrow night.

From Don West:

Joyce's mom fell and injured her leg again. Also, their friend, Ray Lindenbringer's wife passed away today.

From Jane Clements:

She has a dr's appointment tomorrow for her knee. She is scheduled for hip replacement surgery on 9/12. Also, they have figured out that Larry's dizziness is caused by his inner ear.

From Kathi Foster:

Satan always makes it hard for her to get to Bible Study on Wednesday Nights. Also, Kevin's mom, Janet Swanson, does have cancer again. She will start radiation treatment tomorrow. Their friend, Jolie Brandt, passed away.

From Wes Williams:

Please pray for KK, Tre & Wes' mom.

From Linda Martin:

Her brother , Mike, has pancreatic cancer. They will treat with chemo & radiation. Surgery can't be done because the cancer is around arteries. Their mom is 91 years old - Linda and the head nurse will be telling her about Mike's condition in the next few days. Please pray for Linda to have the right words & that God would comfort her mom's heart with this news.

From Mindy Ward:

She has been having back pain for quite a while. She had back surgery some time ago and they have figured out that she has a bacterial infection in her back that's been going on for a year.

From Liz Schorr:

Please lift up Lucas in your prayers. Also, Sky's cyst is still not healed & closed. They are sending her to a wound care center.

From Toni Erickson:

Their ex-son-in-law's wife had a baby 2 months early. Please pray for the family.

From Linda Cockrum:

Carl's elbow is healing, but has a hole in it.

Janie shared her sweet testimony how God opened his word to her in spite of her challenges and he worked out the problem with her difficult neighbor.

Terri Robinson has asked for prayer for her family. Sandy Bowen is Terri's mom. Sandy's brother, Adolph Cadir Jr. passed away. Terri & her family are American Indian and the funeral process is long within that culture. There have been 2 services already and the burial is tomorrow.


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