Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 09/11/19

From Brad:

* Pete & Kathy are on vacation.  Pray for their safety, rest & relaxation.

* Jerry Wood's surgery was today.  They repaired a previous neck surgery.  It was more complicated than they expected but he is doing well.

* Brad's Aunt Lola - his mom's sister - passed away earlier this week.  She was saved. Her immediate family is not.  Her service is tomorrow morning and won't be much of a service but they are letting Brad pray & read the obituary.

From Mike Schorr:

Melissa Hunt has been diagnosed with breast cancer & has had a double mastectomy.  She is saved.  

From Jane Clements:

* They are looking at a car to possibly buy on Friday.  They need wisdom on what to do.

* Deann Dahmer is having surgery Friday morning.  She has a torn meniscus.

From Tom Abbey:

Sun's appointment went well.  There is no problem with her heart - it was a misdiagnosis. Thank the Lord! 

From Don West:

* Pray for their granddaughter, Savannah.  Her car was stolen a few days ago.

* Don's step mom died.  Pray for Don's brother & his wife. 

From Kathi Foster:

* Thank God!! He gave a great answer to a big prayer concern they have had for quite a while.

* Her friend, Mona, is saved.  Mona's sister just passed away.  And her husband is having health problems.

From Mindy Ward:

Her friend, Kerrie Burns, is 40 years old and saved.  She has 2 young kids and was just diagnosed with breast cancer.

From Heather Boney:

Thank you for praying for her and her dentist appointment last week.  It ends up being a lot more than they expected.  There will be more anxiety provoking appointments to get the problem taken care of.

From Marla Sanders:

They think their neighbor had a stroke.  Chris & Marla have been trying to witness to him.  Please pray that he will be open.


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