Prayer Requests from Wednesday, 09/12/18

From Linda Martin:

Jane Clements knee surgery went well. Also, praise RE: Linda's brother who has pancreatic cancer He has learned that the cancer is confined to the mass only. He will be starting chemo on Friday.

From Kathi Foster:

Kevin's cousin's 16 year old son fell off a 25ft wall and died. Kathi's cousin has had diabetes for 25 years & is now under Hospice care. Donnie Kronk, has just days to hours to live - only 54 years old. Their friend, Scott Edwards, is in the hospital looking to have heart surgery. Please continue to pray for Kevin's mom. They will start radiation treatments tomorrow. Sounds like the cancer is more than they first thought, and the radiation treatments will be more extensive. Please pray for her recovery, as well as the power to quit smoking.

From Sally Roller:

Her friend Debbie Dalton broke her ankle if 4 places and has had surgery to repair. She is an active gal and will be down at home for 6 weeks for recovery. Please pray for Sally's daughter, Bri, and her girls. They just had a court hearing on child support, etc and Chris is not happy about how it's going for him and he is getting very difficult.

From Sharon Doane:

Praise because Elmer got the splint off his foot today.

From Deann Dahmer:

Her cousin, whio is like a sister to her, had thyroid cancer back in 2015. It is now back in lymph nodes in her throat.

From Peggy Nelson:

She saw her sister, Lola, today. Lola has terminal cancer & does not look well. However her spirits are good. She speaks highly of our church. Peggy thinks she has gotten saved!!! Please continue to pray for her.

From Rose Collins:

Feeling very burdened to ask people to really pray for Pete while he is on vacation. We have several in our church such as Jim, Gar & Brad who have been pastors or pastor's wives who know how very hard it is. The battles are unrelenting. Pete gives & does so much for the Lord & us here at Grace. Please ask the Lord to give him rest & refreshing.

From Sandy Maday:

She has a friend who lives on the East Coast. Please pray for those who are in the path of the hurricane.

From Stan McConaughey:

His grandson, Shane, is a new MP in the Army. He was called to help break up a ruckus. One gal was under the influence of drugs, etc and Shane got bit. The doctors have given him antibiotics.

From Liz Schoor:

Please pray for Chloe & Michael.

From Sky Masters:

Her manager's mom had a heart attack

From Phillisha Francis:

Her sister-in-law.

From Lynn Bowen:

Their granddaughter will be having her baby this week.

Praise because Janice Hile is here tonight. Janice agreed - and also that Stan built a ramp to make it easier for her to get into the car.

From Dan:

His shoulder is better.

From Nancy:

Please pray for our country & our President.

From Jim Erickson:

He was bitten by a brown recluse spider & has been in and out of the doctor/ER, etc. There is no treatment for a brown recluse bite - only pain management. Jim is quite ready for this to be over. Please keep Jim in your prayers.

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