Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 09/18/19

From Sandy Maday:

Her son-in-law's stepdad is having open heart surgery.

From Jane Clements:

* Her 96 year old cousin, Midge Baker, died.  She was saved.  Please pray for the family.

* Thank the Lord for the car they were able to buy.  They bought it from Tim, who is a policeman.  He is also Catholic.  They are trying to establish an opportunity to lead him to the Lord.

From Rose Collins:

* Keep Pete & Kathy in your prayers while they are on vacation.

* Deann Dahmer had knee surgery.  Please pray for her recovery.

* Please pray for our family.  Among other things we are going to need a car pretty soon.  Please pray that we will have wisdom as to what we are supposed to do in this situation.

From Sharon Doane:

Her granddaughter, Erica, was 3 1/2 months pregnant and had a miscarriage.

From Don West:

* Praise because Savannah got her car back.  

* Savannah's grandma Mary is not doing well and has several health problems.

From Liz Schorr:

* Praise for God providing a mower & a Gator at a great price.  

* Pray for the banquet this Sunday.

From Jay Becker:

* Their daughter is leaving for Germany this Sunday.

* He has a patient who needs God to soften her heart.

* He works with a gal named Felicia.  She is having family issues.

From Kathi Foster:

* Praise for God's leading & direction for extra groceries for the City Union Mission this past Saturday.  The Lord told her to buy extra and when they got their they found that there was an over capacity of people at the Mission.  (The Lord so provides!!!  He told Larry to bake 3 cakes instead of the usual two.)

* Pray for the team going to Oaxaca in about 30 days.  There is always a lot of spiritual warfare before a missions trip.

* Kevin's uncle has been diagnosed with Lymphoma.

From Bob:

* His daughter's baby needs surgery for tubes in his ears.  His daughter's name is Kaitlin.  

* Praise because Jesus has helped him quit smoking again.

From Shelley Becker:

* Praise because Lexi had asked for prayer about studying for an upcoming test.  She saw God at work.

* Pray for Tyler & Natalie.

From Mindy Ward:

Couldn't hear.

From Peggy Nelson:

Thank you to everybody who prayed for and reached out to Peggy & her sister, Lola, when Lola was sick.  It meant a lot to both of them.  

From Dawn Bown:

* Her client, Trissa, is saved and just found out she has breast cancer.

* There was also a request for one of her friend's mom - but I didn't get the details down.

From Linda Martin:

Her brother, Mike, is now cancer free from Pancreatic Cancer.  He is coming to town this weekend to go to a Chief's game with Linda & their other brother.  It  has been so good for him to have something like this to look forward to.

From Wes Williams:

Pray for his spiritual  wisdom & will be selling his home.

From Kelsey Ohrem:

Her uncle is moving to Michigan.  He is unsaved.  Please pray that Kelsey will have another chance to witness to him before he leaves and that there will be somebody with a Christian influence in his life up there.

From Marla Sanders:

Kent, their neighbor, is home now & doing well.  Chris talked to his parents & he was raised with a Christian influence so he might be already saved.  Please pray that they will know how to help him.

From Burt Brown:

Men's prayer meeting 8 AM this Saturday.


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