Prayer Requests from Wednesday, 09/19/18

Tom – Daughter, Kacie, is having surgery next Tuesday to repair nerve damage

Sally – Tom’s niece, Ashley needs prayers, going down a bad path right now.

Liz – Praise for peace from God’s Word (Psalm 91:10) about a biopsy like last year. Dr. confirmed her peace that all is fine! I couldn’t hear but I think Liz said Mike’s back is injured. Please pray for Mike (God knows)

Toni – Jim is having muscle cramps

Jane – Billie: co-worker, Elizabeth Cummings breast surgery tomororrow.

Linda: Her brother, Mike has pancreatic cancer and his wife’s breast cancer is back

Rosemary Morris on the sudden passing of her son, Daniel. Pete – Thanks to the church for the outpouring of love for this family on their loss in providing meals at this time.

Kathi – Mom was admitted to Hospice today. Kevin is not feeling well and we are travelling tomorrow for a short vacation. Asking prayers for a safe trip.

Dan – A contractor, Dakota, working on his house was baptized 2 years ago and shortly after his whole world fell apart so he stopped going to church. Pray he finds his way back. Praise that Dan’s arm is much better and he can resume activities.

Don Wert, 89 years old is going home from the hospital tomorrow but he can’t take care of himself and his wife is nervous about taking care of him.

Don – Joyce’s mom’s procedure is Friday. Joyce asked us to pray she can get her there.

Lynn – Emily Birkinsha having her baby this week either naturally or induced. Also, his grand daughter who has had 2 previous miscarriages is pregnant again.


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