Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 09/25/19

From Pete:

* Thank you to everybody for praying for them while they on their trip.  It was a very refreshing time.  It's such a blessing to have men trained in the Word who can step in when Pete is gone.

* Please be in prayer for the trip to Oaxaca on 10/17.  

* Please pray for John O'Malley.  He had open heart surgery today and will be out of commission for 8 weeks.  He will be unable to be here for our Fall Bible Conference. Please pray for wisdom for Pete, Brad & the Leadership Team to know what they should do...Redirect the funds elsewhere & not have a Fall Conference?, If we are to have one, who to speak?, or should we instead give a love offering to John?   He is totally supported by what comes in for his speaking engagements and will have no income while he is off.

* Please pray for the churches in China.  They are still allowed, but are now required by the government to sign a document stating that they will not proselytize (meaning not preach the gospel).  They are posting guards outside the churches who are refusing to sign to keep people from going in.

* We have 2 new mission letters on the board.  One from the Holmes Family & one from Mike Van Horn & his prison ministry.

From Tom Roller:

* They just received bad health news for Jesse, his son.

* His sister who is going through chemo now has pneumonia.

From Bobby:

Praise because God is continuing to show him how to quit smoking.  He has now given up Diet Coke because it was always associated with having a smoke.  

From Brandy Roof:

Praise! Her nephew who was premature was able to come home today.

From Mindy Ward:

* Her friend who has breast cancer.

* Linda who has an inoperable brain tumor.  I think she said she is not saved.

From Kathi Foster:

Kevin's Uncle Mike does not have Lymphoma but has Prostate Cancer.  It has spread and he has been given about a year to live.

* Please pray for their daughter, Shannon.  She does not believe in God.

From Shelley Becker:

Jay is having some health issue.  I couldn't hear the details.  Please pray for Jay - he has helped a lot of people.

From Holly Seabolt:

* She needs wisdom in parenting.

* Please pray for Greg.  He has a very demanding & difficult boss and work situation;

From Dan Ingram:

Please pray for Jamie.  She also has a very difficult work situation, including a grumpy boss.

From Chris Sanders:

His mom's cousin committed suicide.  

From Liz Amhole:  ( I can't remember the right way to spell that!)

Please pray for our country.  President Trump held a special session on Monday regarding religious persecution around the world.  This has not been on any of the news media.  One situation in particular is a Pastor So in China.  He has been in prison for 2 1/2 years with no visitors or a Bible.  China is unwilling to work with us in this situation.


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