Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 09/26/18

From Pete:

Please be in prayer that God will lead our hearts as to whether or not we are to take a missions trip down with Joe & Amy. Please keep the upcoming Bible Conference in prayer. Please pray that the Scriptures will arrive like we need. We are wanting to get Creole Scriptures put together to send down to Haiti. Joe needs whole Bibles. He has good connections with pastors up in the mountains. The Bible & Scriptures that he gets go very quickly. Pray for Amy - she has Dengue Fever, which is like the flu.

From Jim Erickson:

Their friends' son, Henry is 7 or 8 years old. He had Kidney Cancer - a Wilms Tumor. They removed his kidney and he was cancer free. He is now having pain again & they are testing to see if the cancer is back.

From Kevin Foster:

His mom, Janet Swanson, has had her last radiation treatment. They will test in 90 days to see if they got it all. Also, Kathi is sick with what Kevin had.

From Shelley Becker:

The right job.

From Susi Nash:

Her great nephew is doing well after his kidney transplant.

From Kevin Hourihan:

His friend has been diagnosed with cancer. Kevin has witnessed to him & invited him to church. Please pray that he comes and gets saved.

From Peggy Nelson:

Lola went for more chemo today. She is doing so well that she doesn't have to have a home health nurse come at this time. Also, her heart is getting softer. Peggy thinks she has gotten saved.

From Nancy:

Praise - her friend, Don, was able to have surgery and is doing well.

From Jane Clements:

Please pray for the election.

Carl Cockrum:

Please pray for Roger Slead. He has taken off alone on a trip to Wyoming pulling a travel trailer.

From Kelsey Ohrem:

She has gotten overwhelmed with things in her life. Please pray that she will hear as God directs her on what to do.

Thank you for praying!


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