Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 10/02/19

Pete: Sam Shade in hospital; Randy Foster had a stroke; Oaxaca team; Roger Slead in hospital with heart problems; a praise: he’s having to fill the tract rack lately!

Don Worch in hospice (I didn’t see who said this or catch the entire request but God knows!)

Jane: she’s having tests run this week and wants to know what’s wrong (answers)

Deann: her cousin has jaw cancer

Kathy F.: daughter Shannon has been receptive to talking about God lately

Terry K.: his employee Jaeson is listening and talking about God (for his salvation)

Kevin F.: Penelope is going through some tough things

Shelly B.: Jake Welch (heart surgery) and Dan Masters (health issues)

Teri: people in armed forces

Liz: someone (I thought she said her son maybe?) has a skin infection that has moved into his bloodstream and he’s in the hospital

Dawn B.: friends with health issues


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