Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 10/09/19

From Pete:

* Please be in prayer for Angel Ferris. He is a missionary who will be starting a Spanish Speaking, Bible believing church. He will be here to present his ministry to us.

* Please keep Sarah Bodalay in your prayers. Thank you for the love shown to her while she was here. It really touched and ministered to her.

* The team will be leaving for Oaxaca on 10/17. They will do evangelism and perhaps construction. Please keep them in your prayers.

* There is a group going to Southland Camp (The Herbster's camp) in Louisiana for PTSD training.

Please keep them in your prayers. There is always a lot of spiritual warfare when people set out to do something for God.

From Kathi Foster:

Please pray for Connie, her friend who is an athiest. Kathi was able to give her the 2 new tracts.

Pete advises that we have 2 new tracts in the tract rack. They are written for athiests or agnostics.

From Jane Clements:

* Please pray for Laura Ojeda. Not sure if it is food poisoning, etc but she is really sick.

* Jane meets with her surgeon on the 22nd. She has a hernia & a 6cm cyst that has grown from 4cm last year in her adbomen.

From Heather Boney:

* Pray for her wisdom as a mother.

* Bryson is having some health issues they can't put her finger on.

From Kelsey Ohrem:

* Please pray for her mom. This next week will be challenging for her.

* Kelsey knows a young woman who is in an abusive relationship. She is beginning to realize that maybe she doesn't have to stay. Kelsey doesn't have much time to talk to her alone to help her. ( but God does! Emoji )

Thank you for praying!!


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