Prayer Requests from Wednesday, 10/10/18

From Pete:

1) Please pray for a couple named Tom & Carol. Carol has just been diagnosed with cancer and he has the opportunity to meet with them.

2) Liz has asked for prayer for Sky. She had surgery last year and the wound has still not healed. Also, please pray for Michael and his continued growth at the school he attends. Please pray for the other boys as well.

3) Please pray for the folks in Florida who are being hit by the hurricane.

4) Linda Cockrum fell and broke her shoulder. She is home now and will be having physical therapy. Please pray for Carl also.

From Brandy Roof:

Please pray for Janelle Murphy (Carter) and their family. Their court date is this Friday and the kids' dad appears to be trying to get it postponed. Please pray for the kids, the judge, attorneys & the witnesses. Brandy will be a witness and has asked for prayer - it is very emotional & she wants to be able to testify without crying too much.

From Shelley Becker:

Alena & her roommate are going to Iceland tomorrow.

From Ken Street:

Fran is having lots of pain in her foot.

From Nancy Scott:

The storm is also headed to the Carolinas. They were heavily hit by the previous, recent hurricane.

From Linda Martin:

Praise: She had to go through a lawsuit with the builder to get her house & basement problem solved. Her basement is completely dry after all of this rain.

From Jamie:

A girl who works at the store, Abby, was in a very bad car accident. She is having all kinds of problems now, such as memory & focus.

From Jane Clements:

Her son, David, will be having an EDG & Colonoscopy.

From Dan:

His lifted up 3 people who have health problems.


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