Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 10/17/18

Pete-Praise Todd and Carol

Lola received Christ

We had 2000 spare covers that Miles needed

Bailey- cousin broke spins car wreck, bleeding internal. Trying to take off ventilator

Dan-Earl Buck throat cancer- chemo

Jamie - witnessing to lady broke down crying, husband dying Diane and Ronald.

Jessie- Bob Kelly, salvation

Bill- Joe and Amy Bible Conference. Satan will be working

Jane- Niece and sister Julie and Holly niece back in jail

Minnie Bell, Friend with cancer

Janes - knee pain

Nancy - Travel mercies

Pete - 3 mission trips planned to Oaxaca, evangelism and site construction. Balance of property and supplies

-Operation Christmas child for Oaxaca instead of normal for ministries

Also, please continue to pray for Terry Collins. He has sepsis & has been on IV antibiotics for over 24 hours. He also has a horrid rash - the doctor is treating him for the shingles as well as infection. I do not think he will be sent home tomorrow.


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