Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 10/23/19

From Brad:

* Please pray for Pete & the team who went to Oaxaca and that they would have safe travels on the way home.

* Please pray for Sam & Margaret Shay & their family. Margaret's brother was in a accident and his pelvis was crushed. He will be having surgery.

* Brad's brother, Duane will be going in for tests on Friday. The outcome could mean he will be needing big surgery.

From Mike Schoor:

Please pray for Liz's back. There was lots of background noise & I couldn't hear the details...

From Don West:

* Treva Whitmeyer's cancer has returned.

* Jeremiah West (I think Don's nephew) has a mass.

From Nancy Scott:

Please pray for her grandson. He was just deployed to Africa for 6 months.

From Bobby:

Please pray for his blood pressure situation. Also, he need help in not doing bad things.

From Chris Sanders:

His grandpa fell & fractured his top 2 vertabrae.

From Terry Kennedy:

Lots of noise & couldn't hear details.

From Jane Clements:

She is having surgery on 11/7 for a hernia. They will also try to remove a 6mm cyst in her abdomen.

From Fran Street:

Next week - the 30th - Ken is having a procedure. Please pray for a good outcome.

From Kathy Nugent (?):

Liz Amhole (?) was in a car accident on Tuesday.

From Kristie Kupka before Bible Study:

My cousin's 16 year old son, Mitchell has had a relapse of his cancer. He will begin another round of treatment on Friday which will include chemo, radiation and stem cell therapy.

and from Jane:

Please pray for Earl & Rosie Loveall. Earl is near the end of his life and has gone into Hospice care. His kidneys are shutting down and he doesn't want dialysis. They used to go to church at Grace but moved to Florida for his health.

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