Prayer Requests from Wednesday, 10/24/18

From Pete:

Please pray for the Conference. Joe & Amy are delayed in Houston. AND the John & Romans Scriptures did not show up. We are acknowledging that God is in control & it is his conference.

From Kathi Foster:

She follows a pastor in Cincinnati on Facebook named Tim Rains. I think she said he had a heart attack & had oxygen loss to his brain. Please pray for Tim, his family & the church.

From Sally Roller:

Tom will be traveling this weekend to Illinois for a family funeral.

From Bailey Robinson:

Please pray for her dad, Steve. His hand is now infected.

From Kathy Nugent:

Please pray for their 1 year old grand baby, Felicity. She has a very bad virus & they had almost put her into the hospital. She is on breathing treatments at home.

From Larry Clements:

Jane is still having lots of trouble with her knee and hip.

From Janice Hile:

Her mom now has a blood infection - some type of E Coli. Also, praise because Janice is now able to walk a bit.

From Wes Williams:

Please pray for Tre & KK. Also, please pray for Wes. He is not where he needs to be in his spiritual growth.

From Lynn Bowen:

Alex, their granddaughter, is 15 weeks pregnant. This is the longest she has been able to carry a baby.


A young man in the back of the room asked for prayer for his new baby. Didn't catch the details.

From Rose Collins:

Thank you for praying for Terry. He is home now & is still very weak. Also, my 1st eye surgery is next Tuesday.


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