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Prayer Requests from Wednesday, 10/24/18

From Pete:

Please pray for the Conference. Joe & Amy are delayed in Houston. AND the John & Romans Scriptures did not show up. We are acknowledging that God is in control & it is his conference.

From Kathi Foster:

She follows a pastor in Cincinnati on Facebook named Tim Rains. I think she said he had a heart attack & had oxygen loss to his brain. Please pray for Tim, his family & the church.

From Sally Roller:

Tom will be traveling this weekend to Illinois for a family funeral.

From Bailey Robinson:

Please pray for her dad, Steve. His hand is now infected.

From Kathy Nugent:

Please pray for their 1 year old grand baby, Felicity. She has a very bad virus & they had almost put her into the hospital. She is on breathing treatments at home.

From Larry Clements:

Jane is still having lots of trouble with her knee and hip.

From Janice Hile:

Her mom now has a blood infection - some type of E Coli. Also, praise because Janice is now able to walk a bit.

From Wes Williams:

Please pray for Tre & KK. Also, please pray for Wes. He is not where he needs to be in his spiritual growth.

From Lynn Bowen:

Alex, their granddaughter, is 15 weeks pregnant. This is the longest she has been able to carry a baby.


A young man in the back of the room asked for prayer for his new baby. Didn't catch the details.

From Rose Collins:

Thank you for praying for Terry. He is home now & is still very weak. Also, my 1st eye surgery is next Tuesday.


If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.  We would love to help you grow closer in your walk with God.


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