Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 11/06/19

From Pete:

* Please be in prayer for Randy Foster.  Randy is the Missions Pastor & works with the Scripture Ministry at Heartland Church in Harrisonville, MO.  He is a good guy & that's a good church and ministry.  Randy has just been diagnosed with Brain Cancer and started radiation treatment yesterday.  

* Men's Prayer Meeting tomorrow night at 7PM.

From Liz Schorr:

Carrie Cox has asked for unspoken prayer for her and her daughter, Chloe.

From Kevin Foster:

His mom, Jan, has now been officially diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer.  The prognosis doesn't sound too good, but as Kevin said, they have already seen miraculous things in the first go-around with cancer.  She will be starting treatment very soon.  

From Kelsey Ohrem:

She is expecting a phone call tomorrow that she has been praying for.

From Lisa Vaughan:

Her dad is under Hospice care again.  Please pray that they would do the right thing.

From Dan Ingram:

Couldn't hear details, but somebody has some type of cancer.

From Bailey Robinson:

* Her Dad has a Social Security Hearing coming up.  

* Also, her Dad's friend has Stage IV cancer and is not saved. 

From Jane Clements:

She will be having hernia surgery tomorrow.  They will also remove a 6 CM cyst.


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