Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 11/13/19

From Dale Walker:

He has a friend in Pennsylvania whose brother, Joel, was misdiagnosed.  He now has a tumor that couldn't be removed surgically.  He will be starting other treatment in the near future.

From Laura Ojeda:

* Kathy (Laura's friend) flew in from Myrtle Beach because her mom is now in Hospice Care.  Please pray for the Josie Brown family.

* Laura is in a ladies' Bible study group.  A couple of women in the group are not saved.  Please pray there will be an opportunity to lead them to t he Lord.

From Jane Clements:

A  young (26 year old) lady, J.C. , has come across their paths.  Please pray that they can have some time with her to witness & lead her to the Lord.

From Kevin Foster:

His mom, Jan, and his sister, Melody.

From Joyce Lawson:

* Her uncle, James Lawson.  I didn't get the rest written down, and now of course can't remember. 

* Her friend, Christie Bernard moved to St. Louis for her husband's job.  He just passed away.

From Teresa Wells:

Her nephew's fiance, Kristen, was in a car accident & was life-flighted. 

From Linda Martin:

Her mom is in John Knox assisted living and may have to move to the Memory Care Unit.  She is not doing well, confused & angry at Linda.

From Jay Becker:

Praise because they can tell their daughter, Alena, is growing closer to the Lord.

From Liz Schorr:

Two unspoken 

From Rose Collins:

Please pray for our older Grace family members: Gar Walker, Bill Stacy, Fred Lemaster etc....They are great examples & blessings to us and they are having difficulties with the older phase of life. 


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