Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 11/14/18

From Pete:

Let's pray for the people in California who are dealing with the fires - that someone comes into their paths to share the gospel & hope with them.

Please pray for the families in our church. The Holiday Season is coming and that can be very difficult & tense for people who will be getting together.

From Sally Roller:

Bri & the girls will be traveling.

From Liz Schorr:

Praise for God's provision. Sky had her surgery last Friday. She will have to go have her open wound packed quite regularly til it heals. Sky does have a good attitude about it & says she is really ok with it all.

From Susan Kennedy:

Her student's dad, Justin, had a tumor removed from his kidney. They are waiting for pathology results to show if it is cancer or not.

From Jay Becker:

One of his patient's kids overdosed.

From Linda Martin:

Maddie, a high school senior, has had a stroke & is paralyzed on her left side.

From Mike Schorr:

Please pray for Sky & her upcoming wedding.

From Lisa Vaughan:

Their new neighbor is a strong Mormon.

From Jane Clements:

Their neighbors are moving & house will be for sale. Please pray for good neighbors.

From Chris Sanders:

Pray for his job situation. Needs a good job to provide for his family & to have time with his family.

From Drew Nelson:

His friend, Kyle, is going through some stuff.

Also, please pray for Gar Walker & Bill Stacy. I heard tonight that Gar has been sick. Bill has had lots of health issues & can't be at church as often as he can. Please pray for their strength & stamina.

Phillisha has asked for prayer for her family - especially baby Inatius.


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