Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 11/28/18

From Pete:

* Fran Street has asked him to announce the Prime Timer's Christmas Party is here at church 4PM on this Saturday. Bring a White Elephant Gift. If is snows the event will be canceled. Please let Fran know if you originally signed up but will not be able to come after all.

* Please pray for the trip to Mexico next week. Pete, Jim Erickson & Barry Dahmer will be going down to asses what's needed to work on Joe & Amy's place. It will eventually include a house for Joe & Amy, a warehouse & place for the pastors to stay while in Bible School. Please ask God to bless the trip.

* The bookstore now has Wide Margin Bibles that were done by Bearing Precious Seed. The cost is $50 - which is our cost.

From Tom:

Please pray for Linda Comstock who lost her husband the day before Thanksgiving.

From Mike Schorr:

Please pray for Michael's transition.

From Jane Clements:

Please pray for Larry. He has an ulcer in his esophagus and gout. His foot is so swollen that he can't put a shoe on it. Jane has canceled her hip replacement surgery because so much is going on.

From Shelley Becker:

Couldn't hear the details clearly but:

Jean Cortes - a friend brought her to hospice - or she brought a friend to hospice. (? God knows fortunately!)

Andrea needs a kidney transplant.

Also, please keep Bill Stacy in your prayers. Bill is having health issues and can't be with us at church as often as he would like.


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