Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 12/11/19

From Joyce West:

Melissa (their daughter) had a MRI today on her arm.  She will need some surgery. She is waiting for a call from the doctor to make an appointment.

From Jay Becker:

He has a client who got bad news about his heart today.  Please pray for assurance of his salvation as well as his peace & comfort with what he will be going through.

From Wes Williams:

He will be getting official guardianship for his nephew, Kyanne. He is 13 years old now.  Please pray for both Ky's transition and adjustment  & that Wes will know what to teach him.  

From Barry Dahmer:

Thank you for praying for his shoulder surgery.  All is going well.

From Linda Martin:

Her friend from last week who was in a diabetic coma is awake now.  She said she could really feel our prayers.

From Jo Pickett:

Liz Schorr is really not feeling well. Also, please pray for people who are depressed & having a hard time to find peace & joy in this season.

From Nancy Scott:

Her friend, Jean, came home.  She will see the doctor tomorrow and then on Friday to get the results.  Please pray they find the right treatment.

From Eric Green:

PRAISE: His buddy who got electrocuted is now off life support, which is quite a miracle.  Please pray for his continued recovery.

* He has a friend who is fighting an ugly custody battle.

From Kevin Foster:

Please pray for both his mom & Kathi's.  Jan is undergoing treatment for cancer and is weak.  Helen (Kathi's mom) is in the nursing home & needs some things to go better.

From Dan Ingram:

Peggy & Gary Nelson


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