Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 12/12/18

From Pete:

* Thank you for praying for their trip to Mexico. It was a good trip.

* Please pray for the Children's Program on this next Sunday night.

* Please pray for the missionaries out on the field. It can be a hard missing their families this time of the year.

* Please pray for families throughout the holiday.

From Sally Roller:

* Bri goes to court on Friday. Please pray that all is settled at that time for their divorce.

* Please pray for Kourtney. She is in the process of moving out and is not making very good decisions at this time.

From Liz Schorr:

Praise for this past weekend. The wedding went smoothly.

From Tom Abbey:

Their 16 year old granddaughter, Taylor, is being checked out for her hip problem, and to see if surgery is needed.

From Liz:

I believe she said it was her brother-in-law, Tony, who has a rare autoimmune disease & he is not feeling well at all.

From Shelley Becker:

* Praise because their daughter has raised half of the money she needs for a missions trip.

* Her friend, Karen James, is waiting for a transplant.

From Susan Kennedy:

Thank you so much for praying for her last week. She had a very mild case of the shingles. She also asked for prayer for someone with cancer...I am sorry - there as lots of background noise this evening & I feel like I missed a lot.

From Nancy Scott:

She has friends in Cincinnati whose 14 year old daughter, Blake, has cancer. She will start chemo tomorrow.

From Dan:

He has a friend with cancer.

Please continue to pray for the following:

* Joanne Caskey - was in the hospital this week. She may have gone home today. They did determine that she does not have cancer. Went home on additional antibiotics for 3 weeks & then will go back for a checkup.

* Larry Clements will have a procedure on Christmas Eve Day.

* Wendy Hagin had back surgery on Black Friday. Please pray for her recovery & relief from chronic pain.

* Terry Collins is sick with a bad cold & not doing well with his feet due to neuropathy. He is having problems with walking.

* Linda Cockrum is having rotator cuff surgery next Monday.

* Please continue to pray for Bill Stacy.

* Please remember to pray for our Military people who are away from home during the holidays.

*Lisa Vaughan has asked us to pray for Gail Graham. She has a hole in the back of her eye. She has been through this with the other eye and the surgery requires that you lay on your face for seven weeks. Please pray for the surgery as well as her salvation.


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